Eat for self-expression

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  • LADY

    Eat for liveliness

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    Eat for bonding

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    Eat for happiness

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  • Rice

    Rice is a Thai national dish with a long history which appears as a trace along with Thai civilization for more than 5,500 years from the discovery of about 6000 years old
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    Local Food

    Local Thai food in all 5 regions of Thailand
    that is abundant in varieties of fruits and vegetables

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  • Local Fruit

    Seasonal fruits of Thailand

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  • Local Herb

    Local Thai herb that is used in Thai Food

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  • Street Food

    24 hours available street food

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  • Foodie Tour

    Travelling and Eating Thai food

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    Pad Thai

    Pad Thai was influenced by Chinese food, originally called fried noodle. During Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram period, there was a campaign to encourage people to eat noodles. Therefore, it has been adapted into Thai food called Kway Teow Pad Thai. Later, it has been shortened to Pad Thai as we use nowadays.
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    Suk Jai Let's eat


    A place where people gather for the purchase and sale of merchandise.

    Recommended restaurant

    “An army marches on its stomach” one of Thai idioms that mean no matter

    Suk Jai Let's trip


    Thai Food Festival, the gateway to Thailand.

    AROI THAI Campaign

    Enjoy delicious Thai foods at discounted prices at 11 branches of Central D

    Suk Jai Let's play

    เที่ยวไป ชิมไป สไตล์ Amazing Thai Taste

    Let’s share your favorite restaurants in the Amazing Thai Taste Activity “A

    Thai dessert quiz game.

    Play the Thai dessert quiz game. Get a chance to win a special prize.


    Spread Thai Food across the globe at Amazing Thai Taste Festival by TAT
    1 June 2018

    Amazing Thai Taste is a Thai food festival that will be held to emphasis on the greatness of Thai food under the concept "Eat Thai Food, Feeling Good".

    Have fun playing with the Street Food in Thailand block.
    30 April 2018

    Have fun playing with the Street Food in Thailand block.

    3 April 2018

    "THAIFEX - WORLD OF FOOD ASIA 2018" The Greatest Food Expo of the Year



    At present Thai food and fruits are regarded as products that express the identity of the Thailand and have been recognized by people around the world with outstanding taste combined with benefit from herbs. Therefore, Thai food and fruits will be the main theme of Amazing Thai Taste. Currently, the tourism sector runs an important role to drive Thailand's economy greatly. As seen in the year 2015, tourism generated over 2.2 trillion baht revenue for the country, more than 1.46 trillion baht came from foreign tourists.

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand

    1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
    TAT Contact Center: 1672
    email : att_pdiv@tat.or.th

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