Khaosan Road - Bangkok

It would be a sacrilege to not mention Khaosan Road when discussing street food in Bangkok. The road that never sleeps, Khaosan is a destination where visitors from all over the world never fail to come and explore when visiting Bangkok. Along the road line numerous restaurants, food carts and food stalls which every so often manage to temp the hungry (or not) passersby. The best-selling item here is of course the good old Pad Thai.
Khaosan Road does not close, but the area starts to come to live from 15:00 pm. through to 2:00 am. every day.
Getting There:
By Car: Take Lan Luang Road, Outer Ratchadamnoen Avenue or Phra Pok Klao bridge and head towards Middle Ratchadamnoen Avenue. At the Democracy Monument, take the right exit into Dinso Road. If coming from Pinklao, take Middle Ratchadamnoen Avenue and turn left at the Monument onto Dinso Road, then turn left at Phra Sumen Road and another left onto Bavorniwet Road. Make a U turn when you come into the traffic circle onto Krai Sri Road where you will find a parking lot building on your right.
By Bus: Take bus number 3, 6, 9, 39, 56, 59, 64, 503. Get off at Sanam Luang and continue by Tuk Tuk for 40-60 Baht, or cover the 800-metre distance on foot.

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