Wang Lang (Siriraj) Market - Bangkok

Covering the whole area in the Soi opposite Siriraj Hospital, Wang Lang market grew with the pier bearing the same name. The site used to be the palace of Prince Krom Phra Anurak Devesh, a nephew of King Rama I. Adjacent to it was the former residence of Princess Sudavadi, where traces of the century-old brick city wall can be distinguished.
Today, Wang Lang is most famously known for Siriraj Hospital, which used to be the country’s first girls’ school, Kulasatri Wang Lang school. The school later relocated to Soi Wattana on Sukhumvit Road, and is known today as Wattana Wittaya Academy.  Prince Mahidol Adulyadej thus transformed the remaining structure into a hospital.
At the heart of the historic quarter, Wang Lang market runs along an incredibly long Soi, with smaller alleyways branching off from it. This is a favourite hang-out spot for working people and students alike, attracting foodies and shoppers from every part of Bangkok (they even have second-hand stuff!).
The Tasting List: Several food sellers have been there for several decades. These are all time-tested:
Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup: Great wontons, dainty soup and atypical noodles. After the meal, opt for dessert for higher satisfaction (sarim and waterchestnuts in coconut milk).
Thai-Style Noodle Soup: Each bowl comes with succulent stewed pork or beef - both equally delicious.
Hakka Noodle Soup: This classic Hakka Noodle seller relocated to Wang Lang market from the headquarter of the postal service in Bang Rak.
Fish Ball Noodle Soup: A dish that everyone can enjoy as the fish balls do not smell at all.
Toasts: People actually line up just to get a bite of these freshly toasted bread slices. Ham is unanimously agreed be the best add-on.
Orathai Sushi: Great in terms of value for money. This place never goes without a crowd of foodies awaiting their turn.
Salotto Coffee: Of course you can always get coffee, but Blue Lemon Italian Soda is strongly recommended. Located at the start of the Soi on Arun Amarin Road.
Try Not To Miss:Sri Da Isan Food - One of the first two food sellers in the market, Sri Da Isan Food has been catering to everyone’s Isan-cuisine craving for over 40 years. Grilled and over grilled chicken are two items that every diner demands, to go with a preferred plate of Som Tum  (here they have plenty of options to offer). Another hit dish is grilled meat, known to be without any artificial flavour enhancing agents. For dessert, try one of their seasonal fruit cuts soaked in syrup topped with ice to wash properly wrap up the meal.
A few doors down the Soi is Pa Sin Rice and Curry, the other original food seller to open at Wang Lang market. Besides the regular sides of Lou Mei, fried meat with chilli paste and all sorts of curry, the seller also makes daily specialties. These are a kind of unsaid promise to faithful customers, who come in on a specific day to get what they have been waiting all week: water spinach in curry on Mondays, boiled mackerel in soy sauce on Tuesdays etc.
Leaving the Soi and heading in the direction of Siriraj Hospital, you will come across Tee Yai Hoy Tod, which have been serving scrumptious oyster omelettes for more than 40 years. If crispy crust and homemade dip are not enough to temp you, they also sell noodles soup and Pad Thai with a modern twist. A good place for the wearied visitor looking to regain some energy.
Take These Home:Local delicacies made by traditional sellers such as steamed banana and pumpkin cake, toasted bread slices from Khun Noi Bakery, and cream, chocolate or pandan eclairs from Chao Sun. Clothes and accessories are also a great alternative.
Everyday from 10:00 am. - 17:00 pm.
Getting There:
By Bus: Take bus number 19, 57, 81, 91, 146, 149, 157, 167 or others that stop in front of Siriraj Hospital.
By Boat: From Tha Chang or Tha Phrachan piers, take the ferry across. If coming by Chao Phraya Express Boat, get off at Tha Wang Lang.
Private transportation is not recommended as there is little to no parking space.


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