Sam Chuk Market - Suphan Buri

A Thai-Chinese-Mon settlement along the Suphanburi river, this market is made up of several two-storey wooden shophouses. Their unique architecture is characterised by top-notch woodcraft decorations, nicknamed the “gingerbread” style, that appears in as many as 19 variations — an original woodwork that cannot be seen often. Sam Chuk market used to see a lot more activity, but when the road cutting through the city had been built, life and trade in the area had declined. The Sam Chuk Market today is the fruit of the community’s effort to revitalise and bring the activity back, and to transform the quarter into a cultural heritage and a true eco-touristic destination.
The Tasting List: Dock House Coffee: A traditional Thai coffee house who owner has been honing their roasting skill for over three generations (the first generation was originally located the at the dock). This can be a welcome change from the usual Western-style coffee that one can take in the city. Once you become a regular customer, Pa Chang and Jae Muay Lek, the two owners, will probably have remembered your face along with how you take your coffee, and make it automatically — a special charm of this historic coffee house.
Rang Sriroj Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf: Bringing you back to the time when plastic bags or styrofoam didn’t exist, this place serves their rice wrapped in a lotus leaf and with Acar on the side. The current owner was the third generation running this place. The lotus leaf gives off a very sweet and aromatic scent.
Jek Aow Noodle Soup: A noodle soup seller that has been there for more than 70 years. They follow a recipe that has been passed down from the time the original owner was still selling noodle at people’s doors. Their soft and juicy noodles and tasty soup is almost as if frozen in time. They still keep their fresh noodles inside the original time-worn wooden drawers.
Everyday from 8:00 am. - 17:00 pm.

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