Gao Hong Market - Suphan Buri

Located on the bank of the Suphanburi river, across from a small community of Gao Hong, this historic market used to be the commerce and communication hub of the area in the past. Gao Hong market itself is a group of three smaller markets: the Upper, Middle and Lower markets. The Upper market was first built some 70 years ago by a nobleman; the Middle market was of roughly the same age, the original buildings owned by a local rice-miller; the Lower market is the oldest on site, with a solid century between today and the day of its construction.
Try Not To Miss: Steamed Rice and Palm Cake, the first in Suphanburi. Made with toddy palm meat and sticky rice flour.
Black Coconut Pudding from Jae Siem, Lower Market: Made with natural colouring from authentic blacken coconut shells, this item has been selling consistently for over 5 decades. The recipe remains strictly original.
Chicken Feet at the Middle market, on the bank: Usually had with noodle soup, at a minimal price of 10 Baht for regular or 20 Baht for special per bowl.
Made to Order menus made from chicken at the Upper market, such as Pad Krapow etc.
The Tasting List: Jae Jook: Having been in business for over 40 years, the cook still use the original cutting board that is even older than the place itself. Try soy sauce fried noodle, fried rice, oyster omelette, Pad Thai etc. The wooden structure was on the bank of the river where you can enjoy the view while taking your meal.
Steamed rice muffin at Jae Aeng: The flour here is left to rise overnight, according to the traditional recipe. When baked, the muffin gives off a fragrant scent and tastes incredibly mild.
Zongzi and Stuffed Dough Pyramids at Pa Jwang: Very tasty. Lasts quite a while.
Deep Fried Banana Slices at the Middle Market: The recipe has been passed down from the previous generation. Made with ripe or unripe banana, to taste.
Traditional Thai Coffee House and Thai Ahphon: Both offer seating areas where the visitor can sit back and gaze at the old market while sipping on their coffee.
Weekends from 9:00 am. - 16:00 pm.
Getting There:
By Car: From the city of Suphanburi, take the Suphanburi - Bang Mae Mhai Route. After 9 kilometres, take the left turn into Gao Hong market. Parking is available at the entrance.
By Coach: Daily coaches leave from the Northen Bus Terminal.
By Train: The train leaves from Bangkok at 16:40 pm everyday.

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