Marian Plum

"Sweet Yellow Marian Plum" is a tropical fruit that looks like eggs and has a smooth skin. When it is unripe, it is green. When it is ripe, it turns yellowish. It tastes juicy, sweet and a little bit sour and contains beta-carotene, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B and C.
The most famous source in Thailand is Nakhon Nayok. There are about 6,000 rai of plantations, with major species such as Tunklao, Phet Klongdong, Bang Khunnon, Kaew Klangdong and Lungchim.
"Marian Plum" has been regarded as invaluable fruit since Sukhothai period. They are grown in Phitsanulok, Phichit, Uttaradit and Kamphaeng Phet. In Ayutthaya period, they have been brought to the central and suburbs of Thailnad.
For "Sweet Yellow Marian Plum" began to appear in the Rattanakosin period as one of the Marian plum species. In King Rama 5 period, they are called "Maplang Sawei". There are 2 types of Marian plum which are “Sweet Yellow Marian Plum” and “Sour Yellow Marian Plum” However, sour yellow Marian plums are not as popular as sweet yellow Marian plums. Therefore, we are more familiar with sweet yellow Marian plums than sour yellow Marian plums.
The different between Marian Plum and Sweet yellow Marian plum is that sweet yellow Marian Plum has a bigger size and no resin opposites to Marian plum that has smaller size and resin.
The festival "Marian Plum, Sweet Yellow Marian Plum and specialties of Nakhon Nayok" is held in February - March every year in front of Nakhon Nayok Province town hall.

1. High vitamin C and beta carotene
2. Anti-oxidant and strengthen immune system
3. Reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure
4. Maintain eyesight
5. Contains calcium and phosphorus which help in maintenance of bones and teeth
6. Prevent scurvy
7. Purify blood

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