Mangosteen carries the title the queen of fruit. Mangosteen contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants while the shell provides medicinal properties that can reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and heal wounds.

Mangosteen is tropical plant that can be grown easily in Thailand. The famous mangosteen in Thailand comes from Nakhon Si Thammarat. We often called it "South Mangosteen" or "Chan Mangosteen" from Chanthaburi.

Kiriwong Mangosteen
"Mangosteen Kiriwong" or "South Mangosteen". From the history, it has been grown for more than 300 years on 1,835 meters above sea level mountains at Kiriwong Village, Amphoe Lan Saka, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Kiriwong Mangosteen is characterized by a thick, pinkish-bodied sphere with a natural fruit-like appearance and sweet - sour taste. The best time to eat is from February to April and from July to September of every year.
Chan Mangosteen
Chan Mangosteen is grown in Chanthaburi, a major source of fruit in Thailand. Chan Mangosteens are grown in organic farm. Tourists who visit the farm can eat fresh mangosteen from the tree.

The fruits have sweet and sour taste. Export grade Chan mangosteens contain a large shell and still remain green. When they reach the destination oversea, they will be ripe and ready to eat. Good Chan mangosteen should be dark purple in color and shell must be soft. Mangosteen does not require refrigeration, just putting it in normal temperature is enough.
“Mueang Kon Mangosteen And Specialties Festival” during July - August.
“Chanthaburi Fruits And Specialties Festival” during May.


1. Anti-oxidation.
2. Strengthen the immune system.
3. Prevent fever (Low level fever).
4. Strengthen bones and teeth.
5. Energize the body.
6. Prevent depression and reduce stress.
7. Improve mental health.
8. Prevent cancer.
9. Reduce the risk of heart disease
10. Reduce blood pressure
11. Prevent thyroid toxicity.
12. Reduce cholesterol level.
13. Prevent tumors.
16. Prevent diabetes with the ability to reduce and control sugar levels.
17. Prevent allergy.
19. Maintain eyesight.
20. Prevent constipation
21. Anti-oxidant, which helps to slow down aging and wrinkles.
22. Brighter skin
23. Acne Treatment
24. Cure skin diseases

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