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The Original Foodie Tour Detailed Itinerary: 
At 9am, all Foodies will meet our tour guide at the Three Kings Monument which is located in the Old City. First tasting is at a seated restaurant with chicken and rice served with tasty herb sauce and freshly grilled pork satay. This restaurant was established in 1957!
Walk approximately 800 meters to Wat Chiang Man (the first temple built in the old city) to learn about Thai history and Buddhism. Then take a short ride to our second tasting. This seated restaurant serves the famous Kao Soi-cut rice. (A rice noodle dish served with curry sauce.) The restaurant owner was the first one who adapted this dish and made it into a local favorite since before World War II.
Take another ride towards Wat Gate Community Museum to Chiang Mai’s number 1 dessert place-Sakoo Sai Hmoo and Kao Griap Paak Hmaw. Cross over the Ping River by walking bridge to Warorot Market for street food experience. The market has been with Chiang Mai city for more than 100 years. Inside the market, we will be tasting freshly made Golden Curl, seasonal tropical fruits, freshly made Northern Thai sausage, our favorite Mango & Sticky Rice, and wash it all down with the famous Thai Iced Tea which is made according to local taste. The tour will end around 1pm at Warorot Market which is at the center of the city and there are plenty of public transportation that can take you anywhere in the city.


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