Markets In Thailand You Should Not Miss


Kad Luang or Warorot Market 



Kad Luang or Warorot Market, built by Princess Dara Rasmi, is the largest market in Chiang Mai with history of more than a hundred years. The market is located at Wichayanon Road, Amphoe
Mueang Chiang Mai. Besides from being a source of shopping for local people, this place is also a source of shopping for tourists who want souvenirs such as Sai Aua (northern Thai sausage), Mooyor (white pork sausage), Nam Prik Noom (northern Thai green chili sauce), Nam (fermented pork with chili), Kalamae (Thai caramel), dried longan, preserved fruits and temperate fruits. Apart from local food, there are also clothes, ceramic, cloth, embroidery appliances, flowers and many others.  


Amphawa Water Market


Amphawa Water Market, Samut Songkhram Province, is a market place along the Amphawa Canal that maintains its traditional way of life and adapts to the present society. On both sides of the canal, there are shophouse that sells a variety of types of food, dessert and souvenirs. On the canal, there are many food and drinks selling on boats such as Hoi Tod (fried oyster), seafood, noodles, coffee and desserts. Experience the atmosphere of a garden house along the canal, sail a boat, pay respect to the Buddha on a boat, and watch fireflies at night along the canal.



Ban Phe Market

Ban Phe market, located at Tambon Phe, Amphoe Mueang, Rayong Province, is a major source of local products and seafood products of Rayong Province such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, squid, shells for home decoration and many more. It is also the resting area of many tourists because Ban Phe pier is a major port to travel to Koh Samet. Every year, the municipality will organize a beach trip at Ban Phe - Koh Samet Beach, Municipality Pier, Tambon Tha Pae, Amphoe Mueang Rayong, Rayong Province. During December, it is provincial tourism and supports Ban Pae Community Housewives Group promotion period. There will be booth selling OTOP products, fresh seafood, boat trips around Koh Samet, activities on the stage, and a music contest every night.



Maeklong Market


Maeklong Market is located at Mae Klong Railway Station, Tambon Mae Klong, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram Province. A market near the railway at Mae Klong train station and also known as the train market. There are a variety of products put up for sale throughout the day. This market was also called the Umbrella Market because of the two sides are adjacent to the railway. Each shop has umbrellas and store owners in the market will fold umbrellas together when the train passes which creates memorable scene for tourists.



Wanglang market


Wanglang Market is located in the alley opposite to Siriraj Hospital at the Wanglang River side. The market opens daily from 10am to 5pm. Wanglang market is an old neighborhood with a long and separate alley. Nowadays, this market is well-known to people of working age and students because there are both delicious and fashionable second-hand products that are suitable to their lifestyle.


Ban Mai Market


Ban Mai Market, Chachoengsao Province, opens on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays from 9:00am until evening, but regular stores are open daily. The new home market was built to replace the former market that burned down around 1904 – 1905. The market divides into "upper market" and "lower market". The upper market area was located at the north of the canal next to Wat Thep Nimit to Wat Chin Pracha Samoson. The lower market is located along the Bang Pakong River in front of Wat Upai Patikaram. This market is formerly known as waterfront market.


Tha Na Market


Tha Na market opens every day but the market is busy on weekend.

Tha Na Market is an old community located near the Nakhon Chaisri river, Amphoe Nakhon Chaisri, Nakhon Pathom Province. This place is full of traces from the past. Wooden row houses and old shops are still preserved in good condition. Even the time changes, the community is still willing to continue to build on the value and beauty of this market. Nowadays, Tha Na market has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nakhon Pathom.


Kong Khong Market


The market opens four days a week, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 9am – 4pm.

The market is located near Baan Sangsom, Tambon Khanon Luang. In the past, Khanom is an outpost and a place where people gather to exchange goods from their community. Kong Khong in Thai means bend over. It refers to the fact that in the past merchants were sitting on the floor selling stuff and buyers had to bend over to see goods that lied on the floor.


Chet Samian Market


Chet Samian Market opens every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening.

Chet Samian Market is a railroad market that once flourished in the past. The market originally had two large rain trees, used as a mark of a small market where merchants on land exchanged goods with merchants on boat. Later, the trees had been cut down to build row houses. The market moved from the waterfront to get closer to the railroad. The market used to open every five days, but people are decreasing because merchants are working in factories around the area instead.


100 Years Sam Chuk Market


100 Years Sam Chuk Market opens daily from 8am – 5pm

100 Years Sam Chuk Market is the big market in two floors wooden building at the bank of the Suphan Buri River (Tha Chin) and a Thai-Chinese-Mon community. The market building features a wooden fancy pattern called gingerbread which has 19 patterns in total and these patterns are rare to see nowadays. Originally, the market is a very crowded market. After the intersection of Sam Chuk was built, people’s lifestyle has changed. People in Sam Chuk Community has to recover the market by making the market a cultural heritage for ecological tourism and learning source for the community.


Kao Hong Market


Kao Hong Market opens on every Saturday - Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

The market was built in Chinese style. It is located opposite to the Baan Kao Hong at the banks of Suphan Buri river (Tha Chin). In the past, it was a trading center of the villagers in the western foothills of Bang Pla Ma and a passage of passenger ships between Suphan – Ngiu Rai. There are three markets in Kao Hong Market, the upper market, central market and lower market.


Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market


Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market opens on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Klong Lat Mayom is a canal that connects between Klong Bang Ramat and Klong Bang Phrom. The community here produces several kinds of products such as foods, appliances, fruits, vegetables, desserts and souvenirs that are mostly handmade.

It is all begin with Mr. Chuan Chuchan, a farmer in Bang Ramat, wanted people in the community to bring vegetables, fruits and others to sell, hoping that the "floating market" would help the community see the value of the community’s beautiful nature. Having beautiful nature would generate more income from sales and tourism. As a result, the market is received the Best Tourism Community Award from TAT on the year 2007.



Pattaya Floating Market


Pattaya Floating Market opens daily from 9am - 8pm.

Simulate a Thai life style that bound to the river since the past to the present.

Meet outstanding scenery with over a hundred of beautiful teak wood houses. Each teak wood house was built in different style from each region of Thailand distinguished by its gable roof. For example, the northern Thailand gable style, Galae gable, can be distinguished by its v shape peak carving in classical Thai pattern.


Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market


Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market opens on Saturday - Sunday and public holidays from 6am – 5pm.

Tha Chin River, the river that flows through Lam Phaya community for almost a hundred years. The lifestyle of the people here is bound to the river on both sides that enriched with nature and local culture. Nowadays, it has become a major attraction for those who like to enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfront and floating market. Wat Lam Phaya Market is located at Amphoe Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom Province.


Sai Noi Floating Market


Sai Noi Floating Market opens on Saturdays - Sundays and public holidays from 6am-4pm.

Sai Noi Floating Market is located along Phra Phimon canal at Wat Sai Yai. It is a market on the raft which sells a variety of foods, desserts, fruits and vegetables. Sai Noi Floating Market was originally located in front of Sai Noi district office, but there were some problems about parking space. As a result, the market was moved to the opposite site of the street. People around the market still maintain their traditional way of life as if they are in the past.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market opens daily from 6am-12pm

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market became tourist attraction for the first time in 1967. Merchants row their boats with a variety of foods, desserts, vegetables, fruits and dried foods. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market today moved from Lud Plee canal to Tan canal. Originally the market was a bus hub where people load their agricultural products on trucks to sell in Bangkok.



Lud Plee Floating Market


Lud Plee Floating Market opens daily from 6am-12pm

The first floating market in the Damnoen Saduak canal after the canal built in 1866. The local called this place “Sala Daeng Market” (red roof pavilion market), because it is located in the area where the King Somdet Chao Phraya Borom Maha Sri Suriyawong (Chuang Bunnag) ordered to build a pavilion with a red roof to be used as a shelter for canal builders and people who commuted around here. The market area starts from Lud Plee Ratchaburi canal mouth to Damnoen Saduak Movie Theater (out of business).


Tha Kha Floating Market


Tha Kha Floating Market opens from 7am-12pm on the second, third and twelfth days of every month and every Saturday – Sunday. Tha Kha Floating Market is located at Phan La canal or Sala canal. Tha Kha Floating Market also shows the local people’s way of life, so many people are fascinated with this market and have visited many times.

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