PLA THU Mae Klong

To Thai people  Pla Thu or the short-bodied mackerel, conjures up images of the popular salted steamed fish in traditional bamboo steamers from Mae Klong sub district in Samut Songkhram province. Crowned  the king of Pla Thu  strict rules deem that only fish caught within a  25 kilometer range of the Mae Klong River Estuarys plankton rich ecosystem can be labeled Pla Thu Mae Klong 

Between July and October  floods attract Pla Thu to feed in the area. When properly nourished  these slim transparent fishlings mature into the unique tasting firm  aromatic fish high in Omega oils. The flesh also remains sweet due to traditional methods of catching Pla Thu in understanding the brackish estuary s water currents  wind s flow  terrain  and Pla

Thu s instincts to swim into large bamboo and net lined  Po allowing fishermen to scoop them out without  causing injury or stress.

Pla Thu is good and versatile as it can be steamed then pan-fried and served with shrimp paste chili dip (Nam Phrik Kapi) boiled in Tom Yam Pla Thu and braised Mae Klong-style (Pla Thu Satia)  High in Omega-3 oils Pla Thu nourishes the eyes prevents heart disease and controls blood sugar levels.

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