AROI THAI Campaign


Central World, Central Plaza and Central Festival would like to invite you to enjoy Thai foods under the

Amazing Thai Taste concept with AROI THAI campaign.

Between June 1 - August 15, 2017 (76 days)

  Central Pattana Public Company Limited, Tourism Authority of Thailand, MasterCard and MasterCard

Kasikorn Thai organized Amazing Thai Taste @ CentralWorld CentralPlaza CentralFestival at 11

branches of CentralWorld, CentralPlaza and Central Festival under the campaign AROI THAI from 1 

June to 15 August 2017 (76 days).                                        

  1. Central World
  2. Central Plaza Grand Rama 9
  3. Central Festival Pattaya Beach
  4. Central Marina
  5. Central Plaza Udonthani
  6. Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport
  7. Central Festival Chiang Mai
  8. Central Plaza Chiang Rai
  9. Central Festival Hat Yai
  10. Central Festival Phuket
  11. Central Festival Samui

All 11 branches are branches with many of both Thai and foreign tourists including residential customers nearby come to dine at shopping center. Thai food influences decision making quite a lot. Because of the unique taste and the selection of quality ingredients, it makes Thai food look attractive, not only Thai people but also foreigners. Amazing Thai Taste menu consists of 6 menus: Massaman Curry, Tom Yum Goong, Som Tam, Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai and Green Curry, as well as popular dishes such as Pad Kra Pao and seasonal fruits such as mango, coconut, durian, etc. and Thai desserts such as mango sticky rice, durian sticky rice, durian etc.



Special privileges for MasterCard

Get discounts or privileges from participating restaurants *

Special privileges for K-Credit Card MasterCard

Get a refund credit of 100 baht when spending in the restaurant every 1,000 baht / sales slip **

Special privileges for general customers

Every Friday, get free menu or discount from the participating restaurants. * For customers who dress in a Thai style.

(Get voucher at redemption counter, limited / day / branch)

Special privileges for foreign customers


Free coaster when spending on the restaurant category every 1,500 baht (for MasterCard customers) or every 2,000 baht (for regular customers), available only 4 branches: Central World, Central Festival Chiang Mai, Central Festival Phuket and Central Festival Samui

(Show The1Card International card or register at redemption counter, Limited / Branch)



* - Terms and conditions as designed by the store.

** - Only for K-Mastercard

- Bring receipt and sales slip from K-Mastercard with a value of more than 1,000 baht / sales slip on the restaurant category and present receipt or sales slip together with a Kasikorn credit card with the card number corresponding to the sales slip, under the same name and within the same day, to register at a designated service counter

- Limited refund credit of 500 Baht / person / per transaction including all participating branches. The number that exceeds 1,000 baht will be rounded down. For example, if you use a Kasikorn Mastercard to spend at the restaurant for 3,500 baht. You will receive 300 baht cash back (= 3,000 / 1,000) = 3 x 100, 500 baht will be rounded down

- Any vouchers or top-up vouchers cannot be used together with this promotion


- Bank reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, the bank decision is final


- Please check more details at the designed counter


For more information

Central Pattana Public Company Limited

  • Tourism Authority of Thailand

    1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
    TAT Contact Center: 1672
    email :

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